Company Profile

Beijing Tianyingshitong Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2013 and is committed to audio and video technolgy in the field of radio and television .

The Company is located in Changping district, Beijing, with more than 3,000m2 office area and the factory size is more than 2,000 m2 which lies in Tangshan city. 

The company mainly provide professional technical support for goverment and domestic TV station at all levels, media ,education, film production and TV companies. 

As an international high-tech enterprise, Tianyingshitong  has registered more than 300 qualification s and patented technology, which includes ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001. 3C and the other software coprights.

Tianyingshitong's products cover the field as:  Teleprompter, television production, non-linear editing system, digital TV broadcast network, data storage management, high-definition television production.


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The overseas business of Beijing Tianyingshitong Technology Co., Ltd. includes the following three aspects:
1. Export of studio and broadcasting equipment;
2. Development of the global radio and television recording and studio broadcasting equipment and market. Seek distributors with experience and strength from various countries and regions to jointly develop the local market.
3. In the global market, the construction, design and bidding of radio and television live broadcast studio equipment projects.
4. After-sales service of exported products.
5. The introduction of global high-quality and high-tech radio and television live broadcast studio equipment and the development of the Chinese market.The products that our company currently sells in the global market mainly include: teleprompter, recording and broadcasting integrated machine, studio LED lighting equipment, virtual studio system equipment, audio and video VIMIX capture card. The main design scope of the company's products and services are as follows:

Radio and television

Studio construction of multi-channel recording studio cutting and broadcasting system post-production system hard disk broadcasting system high-definition captioning machine


Campus TV MOOC, micro-course recording room, network live on-demand post production system recording classroom EFP outdoor production equipment

Enterprises and public institutions

Studio construction training courseware production system post-production system interactive training system enterprise TV station

Broadcast live

Focus on enterprise network video broadcast; Committed to providing video conferencing, corporate training and online education for businesses

Athletic events

Slow-motion system competition subtitle machine EFP outdoor production equipment